• Leave bandage on for at least three hours after procedure. If you can leave it on overnight, that is the best option.
  • Remove the bandage and wash with warm water and unscented soap. Only use your clean hand when washing. Do not use a wash cloth or loofa.
  • Allow to air dry, or gently pat it with a clean paper towel.
  • Repeat this process two-three times for the next three days. After the three days, reduce washing to once a day.
  • After three days, you can start applying a fragrance-free lotion.  At this point it will start to dry out and become itchy. Use a small amount of lotion as needed to relieve any discomfort. 
  • DO NOT scratch your tattoo, not matter how itchy it may become.
  • NO ointments. NO baths or swimming (showers are okay). NO sun. NO working out/sweating for a couple of days if you can avoid it. 
  • Most tattoos take about one to two weeks to heal.  After its fully healed use sunscreen to prevent your tattoo from fading too fast.


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