Babes Ride Out 5 Recap

This year's Babes Ride Out was another one for the books. This year was the third year I've tattooed at the event, and the fourth year I've attended. Each year the event grows, and with just around 2,000 ladies in attendance, I didn't get to see half of what they had to offer.

Most of my time was spent in the tattoo room, with 5 other tattooers, and a line out the door the whole time. We cranked out at least 150 tattoos throughout the weekend. 

I was lucky enough to paint a Lowbrow gas tank for the Moto F.A.M. raffle (see photos below). Moto F.A.M. is a great organization that donates money to riders who have been in serious accidents. 

 I can't believe it's already over. Now we wait another 12 months until B.R.O. 6!